Baby Name Analysis

Baby Name Analysis

Your Name is not an accident. If your life path number tells you about the Goal of your life, Number Guru tells about how you are going to achieve your Life path goal. So you must know whether your name carrying the same kind of energy what your birth purpose is.

As a parent, a balanced name is the finest gift that can be given to a newborn or a child, as the effect and vibrations of a balanced name begin earlier in life. Not only does it helps attract luck and success in matters of health, finance, and relationships, but also brings everlasting peace and balance to life of your baby.

we help parents choose the most modern, cultural, trendy and religion specific name for their baby that is balanced based on principles of NumberGuru Numerology, Astrology, and Mantras.

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  • Name analysis as per Numerology
  • Name starting letter suggestion as per Birth Nakshatra / Zodiac sign
  • Consulting services in Hindi or English
  • Free Kundali/Horoscope preparation; 100 + page computerized report
  • Full Numerology report; 80 + page computerized report

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The science that mathematically measures the vibrations and effect of every Letter, Word, and Mantra is a more than 5000-year-old. It was called Gematria and is known to the modern world as Numerology. NumberGuru is an institution & not limited by knowledge of an individual or a family numerologist.
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