Advanced Switchwords

Advanced Switchwords

NumberGuru Introduces A First Time Advanced Switchwords

Switchwords are the words which are used to change the mind frequency to point which you desire so that our subconscious mind get trained in a way it helps the conscious mind to achieve your goals and Desires. You can switchword for Weight Loss, Cure Diseases, & to achieve anything you desire.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Switchwords
  • Understanding of Switchphrases
  • Common Switchwords for Love, Relationship and Health
  • Switchwords For Other Areas (Complete List Pdf)
  • Using of Energy Circles With Switchwords
  • Energy Circles Colours and It's Meanings
  • Chakra Healing Therapy with Switchwords
  • Switchwords Chanting and Meridian Points
  • Using Of Switchwords with Beej Mantras
  • Combining Healing Numbers its Frequency, Energy Circle and Switchwords
  • Water Charging With Switchwords
  • Hoponopono Gratitude Exercises with Switchwords
  • Diffusing Switchwords
  • Using Switchwords Along With Jin Shin Jyutsu ( An effective Japanese Technique to harmonize mind body and soul )
  • Mandala and Switchwords
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The science that mathematically measures the vibrations and effect of every Letter, Word, and Mantra is a more than 5000-year-old. It was called Gematria and is known to the modern world as Numerology. NumberGuru is an institution & not limited by knowledge of an individual or a family numerologist.
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