Career, Job, Business & Money Analysis

Career, Job, Business & Money Analysis

Financial problems and issues are the number one stressor in people’s lives and a major cause of depression, anxiety, child abuse, crime, and drug/alcohol abuse.

Financial problems are easy to get into and difficult to get out of. Certain ones may take years to deal with and others are nearly impossible to escape from. Ours is not a financial problem caring culture.

Money management is a core life skill ignored by many but needed by all. It is not an elective in this thing called life because it is required to navigate every stage of the life cycle. Almost every family has at least one member who has or will experience one or more financial problems. When one family member struggles financially, everyone in the family is impacted.

Your relationship with your money drives your financial behaviour. Your financial behaviour (how you earn, spend, save and share) determines your financial circumstances. This makes your relationship with your money one of the most important relationships in your life. This is what it looks like:

Relationship with Money —-> Financial Behaviour —> Financial Circumstances

If you are looking for an answer related to your Job/Business or promotion, this option is best for you. You will receive a call from us where you can ask your question. Your question will be answered using Numerology/Vedic Astrology/Prashna Shastra method.

  • 30 min Consulting over the phone
  • You can ask multiple questions about Career-Job,Business,Money Analysis
  • Consulting services in English or Hindi
  • Full Numerology report; 80 + page computerized report
  • Expert Solutions & Suggestions.

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The science that mathematically measures the vibrations and effect of every Letter, Word, and Mantra is a more than 5000-year-old. It was called Gematria and is known to the modern world as Numerology. NumberGuru is an institution & not limited by knowledge of an individual or a family numerologist.
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