for Positivity & Happiness

for Positivity & Happiness

for Positivity & Happiness

GuruMantr Card for Positivity & Happiness (NGPH-001)

NumberGuru designed and invented a series of GuruMantr Cards for all around happiness. GuruMantr card for  positivity and happiness  is used to bring positive and happy life. Users of GuruMantr Card are blessed from prosperity, harmony, happiness and positive life. All these cards are developed from magic number & symbol concept. It creates a balanced harmony and success in the life of user. Now why to ask, how to be happy? Just use GuruMantr Card once and feel the difference.

Benefits of GuruMantr card for positivity and happiness pyramid are:

  1. Make life positive.
  2. Brings harmony and prosperity.
  3. Works as personal bodyguard.
  4. Very easy to use and fast result.
  5. Well charged and energized.

GuruMantr Cards are available for multiple purposes. Select one of them according to your need and desire. A new innovative way for personal positivity and happiness, this gives you marvellous result. Extraordinary and long lasting card power, easy to carry in your bag and pocket gives you optimum results. A wide range of GuruMantr Cards with massive energy of Magic Number and power of Magic Symbol. Use this GuruMantr Card to change your fortune and destiny.

NumberGuru offers you well energized charged and programmed GuruMantr cards that will give you required result within time. This GuruMantr card empowers you to achieve both spiritual and physical well being. Try it once to get success and good fortune.

Regular Price: 5100/-

Discounted Price: 1500/-

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What will you get? 

Digital GuruMantr Card with how to use this technique like

  • Chanting
  • Energy circle
  • Water therapy

Your Free Personalised pdf report (worth 1500/-) which include-

  • Name Analysis
  • Marriage & Relationship Analysis
  • Career and Finance Analysis
  • Health Analysis as Per Aayurveda
  • Health Analysis
  • Important Age & Year Analysis
  • Lucky Date, Lucky Days, Lucky Colours & Lucky Direction Analysis
  • Remedies For All

What is GuruMantr Card?

GuruMantr Card is a type of healing modality; it is a healing language which consists of magic numbers and magic symbols. And each of these magic numbers and magic symbols can be used to enhance the experience of our day to day life.

GuruMantr Card is new pocket size fortune cards with unique power of Magic Numbers & Magic Symbol is for all good purposes of life. Very easy to use and carry in your bag or pocket. GuruMantr cards work as personal bodyguard. The Innovation tool by NumberGuru has changed the way of life. GuruMantr cards are available for several purposes- luck and fortune, money and finance, energy and vitality, business and career, fame and power, peace and relaxation, memory and concentration, marriage and love, strength and confidence, positivity and happiness, legal and court case, family and children, health. All these cards are also known as NumberGuru’s GuruMantr cards.

For example - there is a specific GuruMantr Card for abundance & prosperity. This GuruMantr Card can be used to attract abundance & increase the inflow of money energy in our lives

Then there is a specific GuruMantr Card for improving relationships in our lives. By using certain GuruMantr Card we can reduce misunderstandings in our relationships & improve trust

Then there is a specific GuruMantr Card for getting success in any competitive exams. By using certain GuruMantr Card we can attract good fortune and we can also help ourselves, our children or young ones with the energies of this symbol so they can do well in their studies and in their career.

Then there is a separate GuruMantr Card for overcoming our fears & negative thoughts. These GuruMantr Card help in improving our attention span. So we can also help our children or young ones with the energies of this symbol so they can do well in their studies and in their career.

Then there is a separate GuruMantr Card related to health & healing. Again not only can we heal ourselves through these GuruMantr Card but we can also help our loved ones, friends & our clients, by giving them healing through the GuruMantr Card.

Similarly there is separate GuruMantr Card which can help in restoring the balance in our lives. There is separate GuruMantr Card which can help in improving our inner peace, our inner happiness. They can help us make better decisions in life. They can also help us in release negative emotions like - sadness, hurt, hatred, etc

So these were few examples through which we can understand how helpful GuruMantr Card can be in every aspect of our life. And as there are many GuruMantr Card, we can safely say that GuruMantr Card can have solutions for almost all of our life problems, we just have to know which GuruMantr Card to use & how to use.

Benefits of GuruMantr Card:

  • They program our subconscious mind in a positive way & they also help us in connecting with the divine power & our higher self. They infuse us with wisdom, positivity, grace and help us become the best version of ourselves.
  • One very important benefit of using GuruMantr Card as a healing modality is that, you do not require any attunements for this. If you have the determination to benefit from these GuruMantr Card and if you know how to use them, they will definitely benefit you.
  • Another benefit is that not only can you use them for yourself, but you can use them on others too. So you can do healing for others with the help of GuruMantr Card.
  • GuruMantr Card can also be used to balance our seven chakras which can bring balance in our life
  • Specific GuruMantr Card is also related to specific body parts and can be used to heal pains & diseases from these body parts.
  • Through GuruMantr Card we can purify the aura of a particular place and release all negative energies from there.
  • GuruMantr Card are so divine that just by looking at them, you will feel pleasant and get charged up with positivity

So in a nutshell, GuruMantr Card can help in improving all aspects of our life: Physical health, Emotional health, our wealth, our relationships, and also our personal peace.

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