Adult Name Analysis

Adult Name Analysis

Your Name is not an accident. If your life path number tells you about the Goal of your life, Number Guru tells about how you are going to achieve your Life path goal. So you must know whether your name carrying the same kind of energy what your birth purpose is.

There are many situations that can make a person search for a new name or undergo a correction to an existing name.


  • Awareness of the importance of a name in one's life and its ability to attract success and desired happiness.
  • A change in approach to a life or a fresh beginning.
  • Preference of name more acceptable in a certain profession.
  • Spouse taking up a new name and surname after marriage.
  • A migration to a foreign location, requiring a name more phonetically tuned to the geography.

While there could be many more reasons. The assistance of a right name for achieving success & bringing back the lost happiness to life has been known for centuries.

At NumberGuru, our only endeavour is to make the Science of Name Numerology simple, professional and accessible.

NumberGuru Adult Name correction service allows you to retain your existing name and surname with minor modifications.

These minor modifications are done to ensure that your First Name, Full Name, and Date of birth together provide a balanced vibration for harmony, success, and happiness in life.

E.g *.

  • Saransh can be modified to Saaransh
  • Swati can be modified to Swwati
  • Aashif can be modified to Aasheef

* The above given modification examples are for illustration purpose only. Please do not consider them as a recommendation for your name.

Book your consulting slot today to understand the meaning of your name.

  • Name analysis as per Numerology.
  • Name starting letter suggestion as per Birth Nakshatra / Zodiac sign.
  • Consulting services in Hindi or English.
  • Full Numerology report 80 + page computerized report.

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The science that mathematically measures the vibrations and effect of every Letter, Word, and Mantra is a more than 5000-year-old. It was called Gematria and is known to the modern world as Numerology. NumberGuru is an institution & not limited by knowledge of an individual or a family numerologist.
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