Magical Oils

Magical Oils

Since the dawn of civilization, people have turned to the power of plants for healing purposes. But one folk medicine in particular seems more popular than ever: essential oils.

Today, there’s renewed interest in using essentials oils to improve physical or psychological well-being.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Magical Oils & Benefits
  • Methods of Using Magical Oils
  • Safety Guidelines While Using Magical Oils
  • Process of making magical oils
  • Magical Oils
    • Money Oils
    • Chakra Oils
    • Lucky Charm Oils
    • Love Oils
    • Getting Back Partner Oils
    • Black Magic Removal Oils
    • Protection Oils
    • Getting Job & Luck Oils
    • Court Case Oils
    • Home Vastu Oils
    • Weight Loss Oils
    • Third Eye Activation Oils
    • Reiki oils
    • White Magic Oils
    • Psychic Development Oils
    • Tarot Spell Casting & Oils
    • Astrological Oils
    • Application Of Magical Oils with  mojo Bag Manifestation
    • Sacred Magic Flames & Oils
  • Mantra Manifestation with Magical Oils
  • Hleem Mantra Magic
  • Hreem Mantra Magic
  • Hoom Mantra Magic
  • Kareem Mantra Magic
  • Kloom Mantra Magic
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