The Moon Magic

The Moon Magic

The Moon Magic Couse helps and guides you on how you can use the power of the Moon to transform your life completely.

In this course we learn about different phases of Moon and rituals to be performed during each phase. Not only the course includes various rituals but it also includes strong mantras, affirmations and more.

The course helps you complete your incomplete goals and desires, improve your financial life, attract good job and promotion, healing, and also powerful moon rituals to strengthen relationship with spouse, stop affair of spouse, and moon rituals to eliminate the effect of spells on partner.

Course Content

  • Introducing the Powerful Energy of Moon
  • Learning about different phases of moon
  • Meditation Practices with Moon
  • Different Phases of Moon (New moon, full moon, waxing and waning) and its rituals
  • Moon magic For Financial Success
  • Moon magic For Jobs and Career
  • Moon magic For Attracting Love into your life
  • Moon magic to get back influenced Husband / Partner (stop partners affair)
  • Combining white magic with moon magic to strengthen Relationship with Partner
  • Moon magic to break a casted negative spell
  • Lunar Ecipses and Rituals
  • Using moon magic with crystals
  • Mantras and Divine Chants on Each Phases of Moon
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The science that mathematically measures the vibrations and effect of every Letter, Word, and Mantra is a more than 5000-year-old. It was called Gematria and is known to the modern world as Numerology. NumberGuru is an institution & not limited by knowledge of an individual or a family numerologist.
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